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The 2022 NAHMA Educational Foundation scholarship season is open and the digital application is now available online. To make the application more user-friendly and secure more completed submissions, the application was revised and will only require a single reference this year. This will be the 16th consecutive year that the foundation will be making scholarships available to worthy student residents. To access the application, visit The deadline for completed applications is 10 p.m. Eastern on May 12.

In 2021, the foundation awarded 87 scholarships worth a total of $304,500. Over the past 15 years, 1,001 scholarships have been awarded worth a total of $2,261,250. Over 80% of eligible students filing a completed application received a scholarship in each of the last three years.

Eligibility for the program requires that an applicant be a resident in good standing at an AHMA- or NAHMA-affiliated apartment community and be either a high school senior with a minimum GPA of 2.5; or a high school equivalency diploma holder or matriculated college student with a minimum GPA of 2.3 at an accredited community college, college, university, or trade/technical school. Applications from students in graduate-level programs are not accepted.

The required application components include an application form, one reference, an essay, and a certification of residency in good standing form. Additionally, an official grade transcript showing grades through the fall 2021 semester is also required and is the only component submitted to the foundation via mail. All necessary forms are provided within the web-based software.

Anyone with questions about the application process or the scholarship program, in general, should contact Dr. Bruce W. Johnson, NAHMA scholarship program administrator, at 215-262-4230 or

“The NAHMA Educational Foundation Board of Directors is hopeful that the changes made for 2022 will bring about a higher number of completed applications. As the pandemic endures, the foundation is endeavoring to expand the number of student residents who can benefit from the NAHMA scholarship program’s financial assistance. Each scholarship that was awarded in 2021 was worth $3,500. The feedback from recipients indicates that this was an impactful amount of funding and of great assistance to them. Hence, one of the foundation’s goals in 2022 is to increase the number of residents benefitting from a NAHMA scholarship,” said NAHMA Educational Foundation Chairperson Alicia Stoermer Clark.

Please assist the foundation in promoting the scholarship program to your residents by downloading and sharing the promotional flyers available at the top of this page. The foundation is hopeful that 2022 will bring in more completed applications than in any of the previous years the program has been in existence.

For more details on the NAHMA Educational Foundation’s mission and opportunities to support its work, contact Brenda Moser at

We had the opportunity to listen to a NAHMA scholarship recipient speak…so inspirational! Time is ticking…and in this scenario, time really is money.  Encourage your resident students to complete the NAHMA scholarship application!  Get started today.