PAHMA Platinum Awards

History:  In 2006 PAHMA developed the Platinum Awards to recognize the superior efforts of its members’ Owners, Agents and Community Managers and staff for their outstanding performance in the affordable housing industry.  PAHMA trusts that its efforts to provide the necessary training, education and information have contributed to the exemplary standards set by our membership.  The PAHMA Platinum Awards are presented each year at the Annual Fall Conference for the following categories:

  • Interior DesignPre 1995 / Post 1995         
  • Curb Appeal Pre 1995 / Post 1995                
  • Marketing and Communication Efforts
  • Excellence in Resident Services

Then in 2015PAHMA added 2 NEW Award Categories . . .

Pre 1995 / Post 1995 in the Interior Design and Curb Appeal Categories

PAHMA will acknowledge and judge those Outstanding Communities based on the completion of the Entry Application.  A panel of judges will choose the best performing properties.

PAHMA Celebrates a New Strategic Plan for the Platinum Award Program

In an effort to bring our membership new and innovative programs, we are temporarily suspending the Platinum Award Program.

The awards committee will be working to refresh and revitalize this prestigious way to recognize site achievements. 

Thank you to all of our loyal supporters who put time and hard work into this award program over the past years. Stay tuned for the release of a motivational revised program to celebrate your accomplishments.