March 16 – 1:30pm – 3:00pm EST

Presented by:  Anne Sadovsky
About the Instructor

“Swimming Through Fair Housing Muddy Waters; 
Get Clear on the Recent Changes”

“Fair Housing compliance has never been easy.  We have had more changes/rulings/laws in the past couple of years than we’ve had since 1988.  Preventing complaints and lawsuits is our goal!”

Anne is a fun, upbeat, never boring speaker.  She shares real-life stories of Fair Housing mishaps and mistakes. 


Comments from Recent Webinars:

“Anne was very knowledgeable. The Emotional Support Animal section was new to me and very informative. Thanks for providing the training.”

“This was an excellent webinar. There were plenty of examples-pros and cons. The content of the class was extremely helpful. The instructor was extremely knowledgeable.”

“I didn’t want the day to end before I had the proper chance to extend a special thank you for today. I heard great feedback from everyone. Linda (my boss) and Matt and the other managers were very impressed and thankful for your session.”

“The speaker gave specific examples and related well to the topics and emotions. Anne was fun to listen to and is one of the very best. Thank you.”